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#ifndef B2_ISLAND_H
#define B2_ISLAND_H

#include <Box2D/Common/b2Math.h>
#include <Box2D/Dynamics/b2Body.h>
#include <Box2D/Dynamics/b2TimeStep.h>

class b2Contact;
class b2Joint;
class b2StackAllocator;
class b2ContactListener;
struct b2ContactConstraint;

/// This is an internal structure.
struct b2Position
	b2Vec2 x;
	float32 a;

/// This is an internal structure.
struct b2Velocity
	b2Vec2 v;
	float32 w;

/// This is an internal class.
class b2Island
	b2Island(int32 bodyCapacity, int32 contactCapacity, int32 jointCapacity,
			b2StackAllocator* allocator, b2ContactListener* listener);

	void Clear()
		m_bodyCount = 0;
		m_contactCount = 0;
		m_jointCount = 0;

	void Solve(const b2TimeStep& step, const b2Vec2& gravity, bool allowSleep);

	void Add(b2Body* body)
		b2Assert(m_bodyCount < m_bodyCapacity);
		body->m_islandIndex = m_bodyCount;
		m_bodies[m_bodyCount++] = body;

	void Add(b2Contact* contact)
		b2Assert(m_contactCount < m_contactCapacity);
		m_contacts[m_contactCount++] = contact;

	void Add(b2Joint* joint)
		b2Assert(m_jointCount < m_jointCapacity);
		m_joints[m_jointCount++] = joint;

	void Report(const b2ContactConstraint* constraints);

	b2StackAllocator* m_allocator;
	b2ContactListener* m_listener;

	b2Body** m_bodies;
	b2Contact** m_contacts;
	b2Joint** m_joints;

	b2Position* m_positions;
	b2Velocity* m_velocities;

	int32 m_bodyCount;
	int32 m_jointCount;
	int32 m_contactCount;

	int32 m_bodyCapacity;
	int32 m_contactCapacity;
	int32 m_jointCapacity;

	int32 m_positionIterationCount;